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No Nut Vegan Box

No Nut Vegan Box

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Allergic to nuts and Vegan? This can be a challenge! A lot of brands use nuts in their cheese alternatives to create the creaminess and the right texture! Also a lot of nuts are used in order to add protein to products!

We noticed this and thought - there must be some products out there tailored to nut free consumers, and there are! We have curated some delicious products all nut free and of course Vegan for you to enjoy!

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This box includes

  • Cheeky Nibble Bakewell Tart Granola - Large clustery gluten free granola without nuts
  • Oat Avenue - Granola Butter in Original flavour - replicating a nut butter but without the nuts 
  • Oat Avenue - Granola Butter - Chocolate - replicating a nutella, amazing on pancakes, porridge, toast (anything really) but without the nuts 
  • Alt Farm Cheddar Cheese - A delicious cheddar cheese made completely nut free using soy protein! This cheese is the closest to cheddar on the market and it grates amazingly
  • Zalmon - a plant-based smoked salmon made from smoked carrot! A delicious alternative and great on toast, sandwiches, salads and pasta 
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