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Breakfast Box

Breakfast Box

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Start your day the right way! This breakfast box gives you everything you need for a delicious plant-based breakfast!

Take it to the office or have it at home, either way if you start your day plant-based you are all set for an amazing day ahead!

If you struggle to go plant-based, breakfast is a great way to start!

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This box includes

  • Spoon Cinnamon and Pecan delicious and nutritious granola
  • Plenish Organic Oat Milk with only 3 ingredients, perfect in your tea, coffee, porridge or of course with your granola 
  • Coconut Collaborative's Coconut Yogurt which is every granola's partner in crime. It has the richness and creaminess of your favourite yogurt but without the dairy
  • Nut Blend - Maca, Pecan and Almond - The perfect blend for a nut butter with notes of caramel and chunky bits of almond
  • Vegan Honey - You will be surprised at what is in the honey you currently use - this honey is made from apples and it tastes just as any honey should taste

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