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Food is a lot more than what goes in to fuel our bodies, although that is a crucial part, but more importantly it is actually the ultimate human experience. It unites people, brings friends and families together, is the core of any social occasion and is the one element that we all have to do although we all do it so differently.

Everyone has their own unique relationship with food and in this Podcast each week we bring on exciting and interesting guests in order to discover their relationship with food. Whether you are a professional sportsmen or women, in the beauty or fashion world, or work in the food industry itself, everyone's got a story and we are here to share it and embrace it.

So join us and our exciting guests, learn more about yourself and others and indulge your curiosity 


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EP. 39 Fashion and Lifestlye Influencer Georgia Whie and Her Journey to Gaining Weight and Muscle

This week I am joined by Georgia White a fashion and lifestyle influencer with 129K followers who decided to gain weight and gain muscle after not enjoying the feeling of being petite and super skinny!
In this episode we discuss her journey to this, why she wanted to gain the weight, how she did it and what the reaction was like from her followers.
Receiving feedback and comments from friends and family is one thing, but hearing people's opinions whom you don't know on a daily basis must be challenging at times. 
I want to dig into this and find out if being an influencer really is as glamorous as it seems. 

EP. 38 James Collier; Co-Founder of HUEL and Qualified Nutritionist

James Collier; Co-Founder and Head of Sustainable Nutrition at HUEL.
HUEL is a revolutionary product which has been consumed by 200 million globally, it is a complete meal source with every product being nutritionally complete.  With James's background and extensive career in nutrition he formulated the product that we all consume today. 

EP. 37 Liv Sellers; How Fitness Can Save Your Mental Health

This week I am joined by Liv Sellers who is best known as Live Like Liv.
As well as her full time job in property Liv is an online personal trainer after qualifying as a Les Mills Grit Instructor and she focuses on HIIT and Full Body workouts. She also hosts Live Fitness Classes for her online community.

Liv and I discuss the power of fitness on your whole mood and mental health. Although fitness is there to help you tone up and keep fit, the power of fitness goes deeper than that. Liv opens up about her personal journey in struggling with over controlling what she was eating and how often she was working out and shares with us how she overcame that. Liv also shares a personal tragedy that happened to her and her family to which fitness was one of the only ways she could get through the dark days. 

EP. 36 Hugh and Hywel Redefining The Cereal Market with ELEAT; Performance Cereal for Everyone

This week I am joined by Hugh and Hywel, two Bristol University Graduates that identified a gap in the cereal market whilst at University. Undergoing market research, experimenting in their kitchen and combing their passions for Sport, Fitness and Nutrition resulted in the creation of ELEAT. 

Cereal has gone from a sugary carby breakfast food with very little nutritional benefit to an exciting high protein, low sugar product with gut health benefits, being 100% plant-based and gluten free. 

EP.35 Pollen and Grace - When They Launched Some Thought They Were Crazy, Now They Are Leaders In A Mainstream Market

This week I am joined by Stephanie Kingston who is the Co-Founder of Pollen and Grace. Pollen and Grace are the 'Originals' in the healthy food to go industry. When they launched in 2015 people thought they were crazy, that they were never going to succeed and that they were focusing on a Niche market. 
This "Niche" market which is nourishing, plant-based food was valued in 2020 in the US at $305 million and is projected to be valued in 2026 at $548 million. 

EP. 34 An Insight To The Behind The Scenes of MOMO Kombucha with Co-Founder Josh Puddle

This week I am joined by Josh Puddle the co-founder of MOMO Kombucha. The husband and wife team have created an incredibly authentic brand around MOMO which as a brand represents more than just a delicious fermented drink. This brand represents a time to sit back and enjoy the moment, be present in a world full of distractions and other pressures and it encourages you to take time for yourself with a focus on your gut health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

EP. 33 Coffee and Plant Based Milk Obsessed; Lilk a New Milk Alternative

This week I am joined by Bastien, co-founder of Lilk which is a plant-based milk alternative which focuses on blending seeds and grains in order to create a richer and more balanced plant-based milk.
When I first heard of Lilk launching in January my first thoughts were, 'why do we need another plant-based milk' but during this episode Bastien highlights that there is still so much room in the market for growth and development. Although 1 in 3 people now consume plant-based milk 85% of plant-based milk drinkers still drink dairy milk as well! Why is that?

EP. 32 Noughty The Non Alcoholic Wine Brand - Is It Socially Acceptable To Go For Non Alcoholic Now?

This week I am joined by Amanda Thomson, founder of Thomson and Scott who have produced a 0% alcohol sparkling chardonnay as well as a sparkling rosé and a red wine, under the name Noughty. In this episode I try their delicious sparkling wine whilst discussing the wine industry. We start by discussing Vegan and Organic wine and what that means, and we then move on to discuss how it is becoming more of a trend not to drink. There was once a time where you may have felt pressured to have a glass of wine but now people are accepting your decision to say no. However, whilst you may be avoiding a headache the next day, you may still want something similar and this is where Noughty comes in. 

EP.31 A Discussion With Two Nutritionists; Improve Your Sex Drive and Gut Health

This week I am joined by Charlotte and Vilte who are two qualified nutritionists that work under the name of Decipher Nutrition. They focus on female health with the aim to decipher the science so we don't have too!
We can all agree that the female body is complicated, that combined with mixed messaging we receive from the media on what is "healthy, low fat or low sugar" can result in our bodies being confused let alone our brains!
This week I wanted to discuss with Charlotte and Vilte some of the key issues we struggle with as girls such as hormone imbalance and lack of sex drive, as well as deciphering together what we should be eating and what really is good for us.

Topics we discuss:
- Gut health
- What really is inside the foods that we eat
- Not being hooked in by compelling marketing
- Getting your sex drive back and foods that can help that
- Holistic health 
- Plant-based milk industry 

EP.30The Most Beautiful Grazing Boards In The UK; Meet Toria Smith Founder of Grape and Fig

This week I am joined by Toria Smith who founded Grape and Fig after travelling to Australia. Toria was introduced to these beautiful grazing boards which were not only aesthetically pleasing but also delicious, nutritious and perfect for any occasion. Toria then came back to the UK with the aim to change the way we graze, turning beige spreads of sausage rolls and sandwiches to edible art full of artisan cheeses, crudités, dips, fruits and olives. 

During this episode Toria and I speak about how the journey began, how she trialed the concept at her own wedding and then scaled the business with her sister. We discuss the power that food has when it comes to creating memories and bringing people together as well as her own memories growing up of food being such a special facilitator. 

Other topics we discuss:
- Working with your sister
- The plant-based movement 
- How to build a beautiful grazing board at home.

EP.29 The Daily Dose Journey, Juice Cleanses and What Goes Into Making A Cold Pressed Juice

This week we are joined by George the founder of Daily Dose, the cold pressed juice company! In this episode George explains the journey of Daily Dose, from the reason it started, to creating his first batch of juices in his mums kitchen which resulted in Beetroot going all up the walls, to now being the largest cold pressed juicing manufacturer in the UK.

Although from the outside Daily Dose just looks like a juice brand, it is so much more than that! Everything from the fruit and vegetables that go into the juices, to what happens to the pulp after a juice has been made has been thought about. There is such a sustainability focus at Daily Dose and they haven't finished yet.

George and I also discuss....
Wonky Fruit and Veg and just how many there are
Different juices from concentrated to non concentrated
Juice Cleanses and why they are good for us 
The process of making a cold pressed juice

Ep.28 - Cooking For Peter Crouch In Portugal To Launching Nomad Cooks, Jojo Shares His Journey

This week I'm joined by Jojo to talk about his journey to starting Nomad Cooks! If you don't know what Nomad Cooks is, it is an online private cheffing platform which provides a local private chef for your special occasion. Why Nomad Cooks is so great is that they have a range of chefs from plant-based to exquisite french cuisines and would cater for any event at any price. Whether you want to host a dinner party for your friends or want to celebrate a birthday they will cater for your every need.

In this episode I chat to Jojo about his journey to starting Nomad Cooks, from being in the Algave in Portugal and catering for big names such as Peter Crouch to then noticing a gap in the market, where, with help from reading a book about The Upstarts, Jojo realised that consumers could be connected to private chefs at just a click of a button.

Jojo and I also discuss:
- His biggest challenges to date
- Their partnership with one feeds two
- Consumer trends and changes 
- The Plant Based Movement

This is just the beginning for Jojo and Nomad Cooks, I'm so excited to see this company grow nationally and internationally! We are all used to getting an Uber or ordering a Deliveroo, it will soon be just as normal to get a Nomad Cook to your door!

To find out more about becoming a Greedy Vegan head to or follow us at @greedyveganltd

EP. 27 Indie Bay Snacks Founder Dafna; What Healthy Snacking Means?

This week I'm joined by Dafna, Founder of Indie Bay Snacks. Indie Bay is a pretzel snacking company which create snacks with benefits by using healthy ingredients such as spelt.

During this episode with Dafna I wanted to talk about the snack market as a whole as well as what they are achieving and aiming for at Indie Bay. The snack market has changed dramatically as we are all snacking more and more and with that comes "healthy snacks" and "unhealthy snacks". However, what might be labelled as "healthy" could be questionable. Therefore, as one of the unique aspects of Indie Bay is using ancient grain ingredients, I wanted to discuss with Dafna her view on the market and what really translates to healthy.

We also discuss many other topics such as:
- The Indie Bay Journey
- Why and How Indie Bay Started
- Finding Balance as a Founder and a Mother 
- Journalling 
- Meditation
- Plant-Based

EP.26 The Pan N Ice Story; A Trip To Thailand and A Product That Came From the Pandemic

This week I'm joined by Henry Milroy, founder of Pan N Ice! In this episode we dive into the story of how Pan N Ice came about, how Henry discovered the art of the ice cream rolls and how it has gone from strength to strength.
Not only is the story of how Pan N Ice came about extraordinary but Henry has taken a business which could have just been a type of catering business, providing Ice creams for festivals, events and markets into a three dimensional Brand covering Retail, Events and At Home Entertainment!
The art of Pan N Ice is that it is such a simple product but the theatre around it creates so much excitement no matter how old you are that it really is loved by everyone! If you weren't a Pan N Ice fan before, I can assure you you will be after this! 

Other topics we discuss are:
- The Pandemic
- Consumer Trends
- Plant-Based 

I think you are going to like this one, if you do please like, share and subscribe! Tell your friends and family and spread the word!

EP. 25 What is Zalmon And How Do You Make Plant-Based Smoked Salmon?

This week I am joined by another one of the Greedy Vegan brands, Zalmon. The founder Sarah and I discuss her journey to Zalmon which happened as a result of the pandemic!
Sarah and I discuss how Zalmon is made, why the name Zalmon and how she took a crisis such as the pandemic and made it work in her favour!

Other topics we discuss are...
- Plant-based tuna 
- Plant-based movement
- Packaging disasters
- Work life balance 

I love getting the brands that we stock on Greedy Vegan onto the podcast as it is great to hear the story behind them! 

Zalmon is such an innovative and delicious product, if you haven't done so already please give it a try!

EP.24 Healthy Chef Steph, Food Is Not The Enemy And Saying No More To The Alcohol Fear

In this episode we are joined by Healthy Chef Steph, the online content creator who is an advocate for a healthy life and balanced diet. Steph shares her journey through battling with an eating disorder whilst being a dancer, the strain it had on her body and her hair and the angel that changed it all.

Steph is also plant-based so we discuss the plant-based movement, the reasons behind it and how amazing it makes you feel.

Steph also explains her two business's Sasstainable which focuses on high quality, re-usable products which helps you stop using single use plastic products as well as her events Stay Sassy which is a body workshop which aims to empower women and build body confidence in the form of dance. 

Lastly, Steph and I discuss her decision to stop drinking due to the Hanxiety or Fear that she felt the day after.

All of these topics are extremely powerful and relevant in today's world and society.

EP. 23 The Oddbox Story, Surplus Fruit and Vegetables and The Effect On Climate Change

This week I'm honoured to have with me Emilie the Co-Founder of Oddbox. Being a loyal customer of Oddbox myself for many years I was fascinated to hear the Oddbox story and how Emilie and her husband Deepak started to tackle the huge issue of trying to save all the fruit and vegetables that weren't even making it out of the farms due to their appearance.

Throughout this episode Emilie and I also discuss the following topics:
- What it means to be a B Corp Company
- How they have scaled the business over the last 6 years 
- How much wasted Fruit and Vegetables contribute to climate change
- What's next for Oddbox
- The Plant-Based Movement

Oddbox is such an incredible company, I really think you are going to enjoy this one!

EP.22 Battling With An Eating Disorder and The Power Of Recovery

This week I am joined by Liv (@liv_livin_life__) where she opens up to us about her eating disorder. Liv goes into detail about what triggered it? How long is lasted? How it affected her? and that incredible flick switch moment when she decided that she no longer wanted this to define her, so instead she turned her life around, gained weight and started loving food, herself and her body again.

Liv is now an online fitness coach for girls wanting to feel confident in the gym, she is currently trying to bulk and gain more muscle and tone up and in doing so is consuming more food than she ever has before.
This complete transition both mentally and physically is hugely commendable!

EP.21 The NoJo Story and The Behind The Scenes Of Building A Sustainable Brand

This week I'm joined by Simona, the Founder of the delicious Nojo Sauces. 
In this episode I speak to Simona about the incredible journey she has been on throughout building this brand, from the reason she started it being a bit earlier than anticipated, to the ups and downs through the pandemic, to now when prices are at an all time high but she wants to maintain being plastic free, sustainable and recyclable. There are so many pressures on brands these days and to tackle it all on your own is really incredible.

The other topics discussed are:
- Where the NoJo name comes from
- Bringing up her son on a plant-based diet
- What plant-based means to her 

EP.20 Mergulo Founder Mairi, Her Journey And Mission To Making Butter A Sexy Product

This week I'm joined by Founder and CEO of Mergulo Mairi, during this episode Mairi and I dive into her journey to founding this delicious product, which I have to admit is an incredible story.
We also discuss the challenges of starting a start up whilst also highlighting their huge successes so early on!

The other topics we discuss are:
- Working with a family member
- The history of the name Mergulo
- The health and environmental benefits of cashew nut butter
- The emphasis on sustainable packaging 
- The plant-based movement

The highlight of this episode was when Mairi referred to eating meat and fish like drinking alcohol, it should be in moderation and on special occasions. I thought this was a great way to refer to it.

EP.19 Nina Parker; Chef, Food Author And Creator Of Saucy

This week I am joined by the incredible Nina Parker, who is the woman of the moment in London's foodie scene! From working in top London restaurants to private catering for A listers such as Russel Brand and Stormzy to now launching her own range of mouth watering Sauces under the brand name Saucy, she has had quite a career which isn't stopping any time soon.
In this episode I wanted to speak to Nina about her journey through these different chapters, how she came about loving food, what her experiences have been and where she sits on the plant-based movement. 
Nina also shares some of her favourite restaurant recommendations in London with us which you won't want to miss out on. 

If you want to get your hands on some of Nina's delicious sauces, then watch this space for them coming on Greedy Vegan soon.

EP.18 Fresh Fitness Food CEO Caspar Rose, Holistic Health and The Power Of Great Food

This week I am joined by CEO of Fresh Fitness Food Caspar Rose. Not only do we discuss the fantastic business that Caspar has at Fresh Fitness Food, with their mission to make their clients feel the best they've ever felt, whilst also doing their part to reduce food waste and help the UK as a whole eat and feel better. But we also speak about Caspar and how his upbringing in Australia and views on the plant-based movement infiltrate into the Fresh Fitness Food foundations. 

Our other topics of conversation include:
- Food Waste
- Eating Seasonally and Locally
- Plant-Based Movement
- What's Next For Fresh Fitness Food

I loved this episode and personally love what Fresh Fitness Food are doing as a brand! If you are keen to try it out please use the code GREEDY65 which will give you £65 off a Fresh Fitness Food 5 day trail! This makes each meal about £5 which is a huge saving

EP.17 Bold Bean Founder Amelia, The Power Of Beans and Changing Consumer Perception

This week I am joined by Amelia the Founder of Bold Bean Co. This is not just another challenger brand, but rather a brand that is trying to completely re-define the category and the consumer perception on what has always been a very boring, unattractive tinned bean that no one ever got very excited to eat.
Amelia tells her story here as to why Beans are so important and why it is essential that we change our opinions on what is actual a very cool and extremely delicious source of protein which has the versatility to be used in so many different ways!

The other topics that we discuss here are:
- Sustainability
-  Journey to Bold Bean
- Supermarket Beans vs. Bold Beans
- Plant-Based Movement 

EP.16 Jimmy's Iced Coffee, The Journey, The Culture And All Things Coffee

This week I'm joined by Jim from Jimmy's Iced Coffee! I was so excited to speak to Jim about his journey to creating this delicious Iced Coffee, we touch on the recipe creation, the coffee bean origin, the packaging and the shear graft it takes to actually launch and run a successful brand.

I was also really interested to talk to Jim about Coffee as a whole, we all hear so many different things about how many coffee's we should have a day and whether caffeine is or isn't bad for you, so I wanted to hear it from Jim's perspective. 

Lastly, it wouldn't be a Greedy Vegan podcast without talking about the plant-based movement and so we discussed the world of plant-based milks, the trend towards oat based coffee's and what could be next for Jimmy's Iced Coffee.

These are only a few of the many topics we discussed! It was an absolute honour to speak to Jim and I'm really excited to watch the brand grow!

If you haven't tried a Jimmy's Iced Coffee, this is your sign to do so!

EP.15 Glowing From The Inside Out! The Link Between Food And Beauty

This week I am really excited to be joined by Yasmin Salmon who is a beauty blogger, make up artist, model and beauty editor for the Wedding Edition.
In this conversation with Yasmin, I was really interested in hearing her secrets to glowing skin and feeling great and whether there was a link there between the food you eat.

The conclusion of this conversation was the phrase "you are what you eat" really does ring true, whether we like it or not, what we put into our bodies ultimately radiates out.

In this conversation we discussed the following topics:
- The links between diet and your skin
- Skincare in general
- The modelling industry 
- Coffee
- The plant-based movement 

To receive a lot more beauty tips head over to Yas's Instagram - @yasmin_salmon 

EP.14 Former England Rugby Player, Diet and Becoming Flexitarian

This week I am joined by Former England Rugby player Olly Barkley. Olly had a very unique journey where he went straight into playing for England which then led him to play for Bath with a very long and successful career which lasted 15 years! 

I was really looking forward to speaking to Olly about his diet when playing professional rugby compared to his diet now, as well as his thoughts on the plant-based movement and whether he believed that you could play a high impact sport professionally whilst on a predominantly plant-based diet. 

 This conversation was so interesting,  Olly's knowledge and passion on the topics were so inspiring as we discussed the following topics:

- Olly's career journey and how he got there
- Calorie intake whilst in training for a professional sport 
- Nutritional guidance
- The power of food for recovery, maintenance and growth 
- Learning about how your personal body works and develops
- Supplements 
- Plant-Based and Flexitarian 

EP.13 A Dietician's Response To What Is Wellness?

This week I am joined by Bari who is a qualified dietician, an author of a book called The No Nonsense Guide To Health and Nutrition and the Host of the Podcast Forking Wellness.

In this episode we discuss what wellness really is, with the theme that it is different to everyone and with everything that we see in the media today such as 'what I eat in a day' or the guide to a healthy lifestyle, it is actually all really toxic! As what looks like healthy to one person, won't be the same for another.

We also have a really interesting conversation about Veganism and how it isn't for everyone, but that doesn't mean that you can't cut back. Veganism as a word has a horrible reputation and people feel afraid of it and don't want to commit to it! Bari is a prime example of a super healthy person who is amazing at cooking where Veganism doesn't work for her. But if you look at her diet it is probably 70% Vegan.

EP.12 Actress, Mum and Huge Foodie! Meet Daisy Wood-Davis

This week I was joined by actress and foodie Daisy Wood Davis to talk about the relationship with food on the sets of films, shows and TV, whilst also talking all things food. 
Having no idea about the culture in the film industry myself,  I was so intrigued about whether there was a stigma around food or whether it brought the cast together and created memories. It sounds like in Daisy's experience it is definitely a facilitator for memories.
As well as being an Actress Daisy has a love of food which is clearly portrayed in this episode as we discussed things from the Plant-Based movement as a whole, to restaurant recommendations in London, to Supper Clubs to even whether or not you should bring up your child on a Plant-Based diet if you are Plant-Based yourself.

This one calls out to all foodies!

EP.11 Founder of The Savourists Harry Turpin, His Journey To Savoury Snacks and Dragons Den

In this episode I am joined by Harry Turpin, who is on a mission to create a savoury snack bar for the masses. Harry's bubbly personality really shines through in this episode as we discuss his journey to identifying the large gap in the market which was a savoury snack bar. Sugar has always defined snacking, from chocolate bars to protein bars to even snack bars, they are always made with date paste, honey or dried fruits, and although tasty it will still leave you with that afternoon slump. The Savouritsts aim is to change that and with Harry's vision and personality I am excited to see them grow.
Not only is Harry's journey really interesting but he also took on the Dragon's in this years Season of Dragon's Den. In this episode we unpick the behind the scenes of his experience and he explains the brave decision for changing the product right before entering the Den. 

There is so much in this episode that you're going to love, which if you do, please like, share and subscribe. 

EP.10 Meet Mani-Life Founder Stu, The Creator Of The Fastest Growing Peanut Butter Brand In The UK

In this episode I am joined by Stu who founded Mani-Life the tastiest Peanut Butter on the market. This episode not only dives deep into the ups and downs of growing this incredible brand but also dives into a bit about Stu's life and how one of his biggest struggles growing up has set him up with the skills to tackle any challenge that comes his way. When it comes to looking at a successful brand it is important to look at the founder which is why I was so interested in this part of Stu's life and I'm so grateful for Stu being so honest and open in this episode. 
There are also some outrageously tasty recipes described in this episode, which I have linked below, so give those a try and tag @manilife_ and @greedyveganltd if you happen to re-create them.

EP.9 Sustainability, Food Waste and All Things Hummus

This week I am joined by Hannah McCollum the Founder of ChicP which is one of the brands I stock at Greedy Vegan. Not only has Hannah launched a delicious product which tastes amazing and has amazing health benefits, but it is also part of a sustainability mission that Hannah continues to fight which is food waste. Every pot of Hummus includes vegetables which aims to minimise food waste.
Hannah's background in events and hospitality opened her eyes to a whole world of food waste which she couldn't stand to be apart of, so she quit her job and researched ways in which we can all do our bit to combat this huge ongoing problem. Hannah's favourite way to reduce the food she personally wasted was to blend up any veggies which were leftover into a hummus in order to create a dip of the day! This is how ChicP was born!

This conversation is so interesting and I feel that everyone will take something from this, whether it is that they need to go and try some ChicP products, or they are going to cut back on the food they waste by freezing, blending or baking it! 
I hope you enjoy it

EP.8 Let's Ask A Nutritionist! Protein, Additives and Plant-Based Alternatives

This week I am joined by Nutritionist Holly to answer and discuss some common queries and doubts about being Plant-Based. I often get asked a lot of questions about the Plant-Based diet and whilst I have a small Nutritional background it is not the same as a qualified nutritionist so Holly shines some light on some key questions!

We discuss the following topics:

- Why is Protein so important when you are on a Plant-Based diet?

- Do Plant-Based consumers get all of their Vitamins and Minerals

- What should Plant-Based look to Supplement with or do they even need to supplement?

- Are Plant-Based Alternative Proteins healthy?

EP.7 How Food Affects Your Skin, Sleep And Overall Mental Health

This week I am joined by Lydia who is known on Instagram as @lydslife where she discusses her skin journey and battle through an extreme case of eczema. In this episode although we discuss how food hugely affects your skin, we also highlight that food isn't the only way to achieve health. Instead it is a balance between eating good food, sleeping well and having a positive state of mind through surrounding yourself with the right people and doing things that you enjoy. Through Lydia going through her skin journey and trying anything and everything to cure her eczema she realised that instead of it being just one thing it was the combination of everything which ultimately cured her and this holistic approach to wellbeing is something that we discuss further in this episode. 

EP.6 Meet Griddle, The Brand To Re-Design The Pancake And Waffle Market

This week I am joined by Ella, the co-founder of Griddle, a challenger brand to the traditional bakery product. Griddle came about after Ella and her co-founder Sophie, really enjoyed their weekend breakfasts of making pancakes and waffles when living together, but noticed there was nothing on the market in terms of a quick pancake and waffle fix in the morning which you can buy from a supermarket without it being full of preservatives. This is when Griddle came about, the plant-based, low sugar pancake and waffle which only needs to be popped into the toaster before it is fluffy and fresh. I found this conversation with Ella so interesting as we discussed the pancake and waffle market as a whole, the freshness of the frozen isle and the effect that sugar has on children and child obesity. 

For all those foodies out there who love discovering new brands, this ones for you!

EP.5 Say Cheese! Longman Cheese and The Impact of Plant-Based and Vegan

In this episode I wanted to talk about the plant-based world from a different perspective, which is the perspective of Chris Slocombe who works at Longman Cheese and has been in the industry for 25 years. In this episode we hear from an expert about how cheese came about and how you make cheese, whilst also discussing some common debates such as the amount of emissions produced from feeding cattle and whether the plant-based diet is sustainable. Lastly, I used the opportunity of being with a cheese expert to do some taste testing of a brand that I may be stocking at Greedy Vegan in the future.

Whether your a cheese lover or not, this is hugely insightful and one I think you will love!

EP.4 The Squirrel Sister Journey And Spotting Hidden Sugars

This week I am joined by Gracie Tyrrell the co-founder of the Squirrel Sisters which is a no sugar snack brand. This episode is so inspiring as we discuss the journey that Gracie has been through from creating the first bar in her Nutri-bullet for her sister Sophie, who had been diagnosed with a life threatening heart disease and therefore couldn't have any sugar, to now having it stocked in some of the biggest retailers in the UK such as Ocado, Wholefoods and Planet Organic. We also discuss hidden sugars and how although we may think that a "healthy snack bar" may be "healthy" there really are a lot of hidden sugars in products that we don't realise are there. I hope this episode teaches you something, whether it is the real graft of a start-up or whether it's to look into what you are eating. 

EP.3 Enjoy Food, Educate Yourself and Find YOUR Balance

This week I was joined by Caterer, Food Blogger and Chef, Georgia Hearn who is also known on Instagram as Clean Geeg. Throughout this episode Georgia openly discussed her own relationship with food from her teenage years relying on Slim Fast Shakes and dieting to now finding a positive, sustainable and happy balance. In this episode we highlight the importance of educating yourself on food and where it comes from, whilst also getting the inside scoop of life as Clean Geeg. From her catering jobs to teaching it's fair to say that Georgia is changing people's lives with food one meal at a time. 

EP.2 An Honest Insight Into A Journey Of A Relationship With Food That Went From Restricting And Unhappiness To Enjoyment And Balance

It was so interesting to be joined by Digby Edgely this week and to hear his honest story about his relationship with food and how with help from a nutritionist his approach to food has completely changed resulting in more balance and an overall happiness. For those who don't know Digby is best known for his appearance on Reality TV show Made In Chelsea and his now international modelling career, whilst also being the co-founder of a Lifestyle App called Ping. In this conversation we discuss Digby's journey from leaving school and being a Pro-Golfer, to then competing in physical shows, to personal trainer and now model! This has been quite a journey for Digby both mentally and physically with food being at the centre of it all. This episode also shows that everyone has their own views on the plant-based diet, which is totally understandable, but the most important thing is that we all know we have to cut back in some ways, whether that is just from changing the milk you have in your coffee or cutting back on the amount of animal protein you consume.

EP.1 Being a Professional England Cricketer and growing up in Zimbabwe and the affect it has on your diet

For my first episode we are joined by Professional England Cricket Player Sam Curran. In this episode we go back to the beginning, to Zimbabwe where Sam grew up and his upbringing has influenced his diet today, we then get a glimpse into the life of being a professional sportsman with the constant monitoring of a nutritionist, as well as hearing a day in the life of what Sam would typically eat when training and when playing important games all over the world. When it comes to Plant-Based it's fair to say that the Zimbabwe influence doesn't make it easy to cut back, however with huge influences in his life, Sam appreciates the need to cut back occasionally. I'm excited for this first episode, I think you're going to love it!