• Zalmon

    Zalmon was created in 2017 when the founders Sazzy and Fran were creating delicious Vegan food for their coffee shop and the Zalmon was created to go with their cream cheese bagels. The Zalmon very quickly became the best seller and so during the Pandemic Sazzy and Fran decided to start making Zalmon for everyone to enjoy at home. 

    Zalmon is also a future thinking brand with 100% recycled labels

  • Kinda Co

    As a life-long cheese addict, Ellie thought ditching dairy a few years ago would spell the end of her love affair with all things cheesy and good. After much experimentation in the kitchen, she began to develop recipes for plant-based cheese that would quench even her long-standing cheese palette and thus Kinda Co was born!


  • Honestly Tasty

    We’re Honestly Tasty and we make Vegan Cheese using a combination of innovative manufacturing methods and traditional cheese ageing techniques.

    From a  Camembert Style Cheese that you can bake like the ‘real thing’ to a blue cheese with real penicillium Roqueforti – we’re here to prove that plant based doesn’t equal compromise. We’re ‘Vegan Friendly’ certified and our supply chain is transparent, because being kinder to the planet is at the centre of what we do.


    I AM NUT OK creates artisan dairy alternatives that are more daring than dairy.Everything is lovingly handcrafted in Hackney, London by a small team of skilled plant-based cheesemakers.

  • The Vegan Honey

    The Vegan Honey is a little lockdown project that is shining a light on the negative consequences of the honey industry, while offering a cruelty-free alternative. We are handmade in the UK, using only 5 ingredients - with no artificial colours or flavourings! All our ingredients are non-gmo, gluten free and proudly locally sourced

  • Mergulo

    At Mergulo we want to destroy the myth that plant-based alternatives lack substance and taste, and show everyone how easy it can be to adopt a plant-based diet. We believe that if it’s not exceptional, it’s not worth eating. Our ridiculously rich and uniquely creamy Plant-Based Butters are all made from a blend of the Earth’s finest natural ingredients. We use ground cashews and silky-smooth coconut oil to produce a texture that rivals any traditional dairy
    butter so you don’t have to compromise on taste!

  • Rudy's Vegan Butcher

    This is the world’s 1st All Vegan Butcher and Diner and we are bringing their products to you! Through Innovation and Butcher experience they have the skills, knowledge and passion to provide incredible, high quality products and make them 100% plant-based! Even non-plant-based consumers will love these products, we are sure of it!

  • The Savourists

    The Savouritsts are on a mission to passionately educate that low sugar, functional foods can be full of flavour naturally and savoury of course. The Savourists have decided to walk on the savoury side and just like you don’t need ballet shoes to be a dancer. you also don’t need sugar to be a snack bar.

    You can also watch Founder, Harry on Dragon’s Den, pitching these flavour smacking savoury bars to the dragons.

  • ChicP

    ChicP is a sustainable brand producing nutritious Veggie Bites and delicious healthy Hummus made from surplus vegetables.

    Founded on a passionate commitment to reduce food waste and eating healthier sustainable food.

  • Bold Bean

    After three years of working in the food sustainability space with top London chefs, a little legume appreciation turned into a full on obsession. Amelia wasn’t just inspired by restaurants using high quality beans creatively, but also learned from those around her in food sustainability. Amelia realised that BEANS WILL CHANGE THE WORLD, someone just needs to start spreading the gospel. 

  • The Curators

    Inspired by our love of great food and big flavours, Max and Ed started making small-batch craft jerky in 2017 and have since added a range of delicious healthy snacks, including award-winning Smoky BBQ Almonds. We have recently embarked on a new journey, creating functional food full of great taste with our Mushroom Burgers and Meatballs.

  • Better Nature

    The team at Better Nature are all about making all-natural, nutritious and totally delicious tempeh products that don’t compromise on people, the planet or animals.

    Their tempeh products are naturally both nutritious and delicious – no compromises here! They’re made with 100% natural ingredients and packed with nutrients like protein and iron, but still have a satisfying, indulgent bite and taste.

  • Cheeky P's

    We aim to bring a little mischieve into the every day life of snack lovers with the not so humble chickpea! Our chickpea snacks aim to bring mayhem to the mundane! We are full of ourselves as we are packed with protein and fibre as well as being increidbly tasty.

  • Boundless Snacks

    Bored of the same old rubbish on the free from shelf, total-foodie Cathy Moseley knew healthy snacking didn’t have to be this boring! So, she started making her own gluten free & vegan snacks to crunch on at her food stall. Cooking for others all day meant there was little time to eat herself, so her snacks had to be packed full of nutrients and kind to her & her gut.

    She discovered the ancient art of activation, paired it with her research on gut health, and the rest was history! 

    Her motto was Be Good To You, #BeGoodToYourGut and Be Good To The Planet