When are these boxes delivered?

Boxes are delivered every Friday.

Where do you deliver to?

We are currently delivering to London, any postcode within the M25


What if I’m not going to be in?

Please add to your order the details of your neighbour that we can leave it with. Alternatively we are happy to leave in a safe place at your own risk and we only recommend leaving it for an hour in the safe place as the goods are chilled. 

What comes in a Greedy Vegan box?

Depending on what box you choose (box of 4,6 or 8) you will receive the products you have selected, along with some recipe cards to keep you inspired and an ice pack to keep it all cool.

Can I change my order?

Any orders can be changed up until midnight on the Tuesday before delivery. If you're a subscription box customer, you can go into your profile and change the products each week or keep them the same.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you are able to cancel your order before midnight three days before the delivery date. For example, the Tuesday, before the Friday delivery. Sadly we cannot cancel your order if you change your mind after this deadline.

What’s your returns policy?

As we are selling fresh and perishable goods we do not accept returns. If you no longer want your order we suggest that you donate it to a neighbour, friend or homeless shelter in order to avoid potential waste. Email us at hungry@greedyvegan.uk if you have any other questions.

Do you offer refunds?

We offer refunds on a case by case basis, if you’re not happy with your delivery please contact us on hungry@greedyvegan.uk 

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes! If you’re going away - don’t worry we will still be here when you get back! Just add in the dates that you want your subscription to be paused for and it will resume as normal once you return.

Why is the subscription box better than a one off?

It makes it more convenient as your products will automatically arrive at your door,  so your fridge is always stocked with Plant-Based goodness. But it is also more cost effective. You will save £4 a month through going for the subscription offer which is the same price as a coffee and a cake (we all want coffee and cake!).

How do I go about becoming Vegan?

Being Vegan is a lifestyle choice and as with any major changes to your lifestyle it is best to change it gradually. Start by eating plant-based during the week. Or alternatively, start by being a pescatarian and then slowly cutting out fish too. We are here to make your transition easy so you don’t miss any of the foods you love.  We love to say the best part about being Vegan is that you can still eat everything you used too!

Can Vegans get sufficient amounts of protein? 

Absolutely! You would be surprised about how much protein you can gain from plants. Also all our products are high in protein just as your meat and fish would be, so you don’t need to worry as our wonderful brands have done all the worrying for you.

Is a Vegan diet more expensive than a Non-Vegan diet?

There is no difference in price between the two. We at Greedy Vegan make it our mission to make the Vegan diet more accessible and convenient and that is with regards to price too.

How does the Vegan diet help the environment?

You would be surprised with the amount of resources that are needed in order to satisfy the high demand for meat. If everyone in the world went plant-based for one day, we would collectively save 1.2 billion tonnes of Carbon Dioxide

What is in plant-based proteins? Are they nutritious?

Yes, all the brands we work with have incredible ingredients within their products, but if you're unsure on any of the jargon head over to our glossary (link to page) where all will be clarified!

Is eating a Vegan diet healthier than a Non-Vegan diet?

Yes, it's scientifically  proven and supported by many current and past athletes, that  the Vegan diet is healthier than a meat-eating diet for many reasons. For example, one meat based meal can constrict our arteries by up to 40%, just two hours after eating. Cardiovascular diseases occur when this happens, day after day and year after year. This is just one example of how the plant-based diet is healthier for you, as plant-based foods have the opposite effect and improve blood flow through the nutrients and antioxidants that are present in vegetables.

(For more info on this please read: Bae JH, Bassenge E, Kim KB, Kim YN, Kim KS, Lee HJ, Moon KC, Lee MS, Park KY, Schwemmer M. Postprandial hypertriglyceridemia impairs endothelial function by enhanced oxidant stress. Atherosclerosis. 2001 Apr;155(2):517-23)

Can I freeze any of the products?

No, we recommend that all these products go into chilled storage and get consumed by the Best Before Dates.