Meet Our Founder Georgia!

Georgia's hobbies include cooking, fitness and trying out new restaurants with friends and family!

Her top 3 products are:

1. Zalmon

2. Fetamorphosis

3. CHICP Beetroot and Horseradish Hummus!


Greedy Vegan was born as a result of our founder, Georgia, not being able to get her hands on high quality Plant-Based products quickly and easily enough!

Once Georgia started researching for clean plant-based alternatives, she found a whole world of products that she had never heard of before, shocked at how hard it was to get these products Georgia decided to create a platform that focused on high quality products with clean ingredients and delicious flavour which can be delivered to your door.

You no longer have to do the research on where to get these products and whether they are good for you or not, we do that for you!


Our aim is to try and re-define the Plant-Based lifestyle, you don't have to be 100% Vegan in order to eat Plant-Based products!

We are here to make the Plant-Based diet more attractive to those who find it ‘hard’ to eat plant-based or find the whole idea too daunting! 

Plant-Based isn't a compromise, it's just a decision and our mission is to show you how delicious and easy it is by providing more brands to more people!  


Core Values

  • Inclusive - We are not here to leave anyone out, this is not just directed at Vegans. We love everyone and hope that everyone loves us!

  • Fun - Let’s change the stigma that Vegans are earthy, a bit weird and only eat lettuce! We definitely aren’t, we just want to make sure future generations can have as much fun on our planet as we have - so we are doing our bit to give something back!

  • Nutritious - We believe in only providing the best products on the market. All of our products are tried and tested before marketed, they are the best of the best and we hope you agree too!

  • Environmentally Friendly - Our focus on the environment affects everything we do, from the product that we’re providing to the way that we pack our boxes. All our boxes are 100% recyclable and all we give you is what you need, we don’t bother stuffing the box with anything unnecessary!


  • Balance - We are here to promote balance, if you like eating plant-based 3 days a week that's okay! If you can only cut out dairy and cheese, but can't give up on fish that's okay too! We just hope that if everyone cuts back on a few things, together it will make a huge difference!