5 Ways To Cook With Zalmon

5 Ways To Cook With Zalmon

Zalmon is a delicious plant-based Smoked Salmon alternative which is made out of Smoked Carrot. We stock it at Greedy Vegan because it is the most delicious and cleanest alternative on the market which isn't full of ingredients that are unknown and hard to pronounce.

As with any new product that you haven't tried it before, sometimes it is hard to know what to do with it! So we are here to inspire you and make your experience the best it can be!


1. On Top Of Your Avocado On Toast

We all love Avocado on toast, but it just isn't the same without a bit of Smoked Salmon on the top! This is one of our favourite probably most basic ways of using Zalmon but it is a winner!

Our favourite smashed avocado recipe is...

Avocado - Red Onion - Cherry Tomatoes - Coriander - Lemon - Chilli Flakes - Salt and Pepper 

Smash that all together on some Sourdough or Rye bread and you have a delicious breakfast or lunch time meal!


2. Mixed in With Pasta

Creamy Garlic pasta with Zalmon - This is a simple winner!


Pasta - Lemon - Nutritional Yeast - Garlic - Black Pepper - Good Quality Olive Oil - Lots of delicious Zalmon - (You can also add a sprinkle of plant-based parmesan)


3. On Top Of Risotto 

You can't go wrong with a delicious winter warming Risotto and adding a bit of Zalmon on top really does Elevate it to the next level 

Click here for the full recipe of this Risotto 


4. On a grazing table 

This Zalmon is great to have on a grazing table amongst friends, as due to it not actually containing fish - it is for everyone! This is great for BBQ's or a snackie dinner with the family


5. As a bagel filling 

You can now have your Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagel but using Zalmon instead, I promise it is even better than the original! 

For Cream Cheese recommendations I would say Palace Culture do a delicious one and so do Violife. 


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