Digestion: Back To Basics

Digestion: Back To Basics

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A few top tips to help you if you are struggling with your digestion!

1. Slow down your eating: Digestions starts in your mouth with enzymes which start breaking down the food process. So eating slower allows that process to properly work! Also, eating fast may result in you eating air.

2. Avoid carbonated drinks - the air and fizziness in carbonated drinks can add pressure to your gut and also cause abdominal pain

3. Don't Graze - Of course we all like a snack to get us through that long afternoon, however don't continuously graze as it is important to give your gut a break! Fasting for 4 hours allows our stomach to rumble which is a great way to stimulate bowel movement.

4. It takes 2-3 hours for solid foods to get to your stomach and 1 hour for liquids. So try not to lie down in that time as it is better to allow your body to process that. 

5. Don't stress, whether you are stressed about your digestion or even a big event it has a direct correlation with your stomach and can link to problems with your gut.

6. If you are struggling with bloating or digestion try drinking a hot drink. Especially fresh mint tea/ peppermint tea or hot water

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